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Founded 62 years ago, AMOREPACIFIC is a bluechip company providing cosmetics and personal care products to enhance the beauty and health of customers, and to become the industry leader in global markets backed by a potent brand portfolio and customer-centered services.

The AMOREPACIFIC R&D Center is the foremost cosmetics research organization in Korea with technological achievements unrivalled by any other institutes. Research is focused on the efficacy and safety of cosmetics to keep up with global trends in the cosmetic industry in the 21st century. The R&D Center consists of three research institutes employing a total of 250 researchers.

AMOREPACIFIC continues progress into the global markets with focus on China, France and the United States, and this year we open up in Moscow, Russia.

Beauty and health are timeless values pursued by women all around the world. And the business of AMOREPACIFIC is to further these two most basic desires and values.